How to place for proper operation:

Set the stand with the Transmitter at a comfortable position at armís length from your shooting stance. Right handed shooters should position the transmitter to the left of center, left handed shooters to the right of center. (see figure)

Tip: You should be able to see the cover of the microphone just inside, at the bottom of your elbow when your gun is mounted.

Calling for a target: The technology built into the OUTERS WIRELESS VOICE RELEASE listens for certain words or variations of those words to release targets for the shooter. "Call" for your target using your normal calling style. The words, 'PULL' or 'BIRD' work the best.

Short or 'Clipped' calls may result in no target being released as the system will recognize the call more like a gunshot, and reject the call.

It is better to slightly increase the length of your call rather than the intensity (volume). The system reacts to call length primarily and volume second.

TWO SECOND TIME-OUT: The Outers goes 'silent' for two seconds after a target is released by call. This allows for the trap to recock or the setter to get a target on the arm with some safety. During that time out, it will not respond to a call.


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